Dark Sun The Making Of The Hydrogen Bomb By Richard Rhodes - ladyproblems.org.uk

the hydrogen bomb schematic nuclear fusion science - the hydrogen bomb schematic the yield of a hydrogen bomb is controlled by the amounts of lithium deuteride and of additional fissionable materials uranium 238 is usually the material used in various parts of the bomb s design to supply additional neutrons for the fusion process this additional fissionable material also produces a very high level of radioactive fallout, the hydrogen bomb the secret nuclear fusion science - the hydrogen bomb the secret the question facing designers was how do you build a bomb that will maintain the high temperatures required for thermonuclear reactions to occur the shock waves produced by the primary a bomb would propagate too slowly to permit assembly of the thermonuclear stage before the bomb blew itself apart, nuclear tsunamis weapons of mass destruction revealed at - the hydrogen or thermonuclear bomb is just a nuke within a nuke in other words it uses fission and billions of degrees in a conventional atomic bomb primary to trigger a chain reaction fusion in another bomb secondary in order to create a nuclear explosion