Alcatraz Prison In American History -

escaping alcatraz the untold story of the greatest prison - i ve been fascinated with alcatraz since i was a kid growing up in the 1960 s the tales of the impenetrable rock were the stuff of legends the more i studied the history of alcatraz the more that i wanted to believe that frank morris clarence and john anglin escaped and went on to lead long lives after busting out of the rock, alcatraz facts summary history com - the federal prison on alcatraz island in the chilly waters of california s san francisco bay housed some of america s most difficult and dangerous felons during its years of operation from, alcatraz federal penitentiary wikipedia - the alcatraz federal penitentiary or united states penitentiary alcatraz island often just referred to as alcatraz or the rock was a maximum high security federal prison on alcatraz island 1 25 miles 2 01 km off the coast of san francisco california which operated from august 11 1934 until march 21 1963 the main prison building was built in 1910 1912 during its time as a united, the long history of alcatraz island legends of america - history of alcatraz fort alcatraz alcatraz military prison alcatraz island federal penitentiary native american occupation golden gate national recreation area, alcatraz island u s national park service - alcatraz island offers a close up look at the site of the first lighthouse and us built fort on the west coast the infamous federal penitentiary long off limits to the public and the history making 18 month occupation by indians of all tribes, 10 things you may not know about alcatraz history - 1 al capone played banjo in the inmate band the notorious gangster and mob boss was among the first prisoners to occupy the new alcatraz federal prison in august 1934, amazon com alcatraz a history of the penitentiary years - alcatraz a definitive history of the penitentiary years is a comprehensive reference with hundreds of pages of historic photographs documents and information that breaks away from traditional tourist style books this book is the result of years of intensive research and navigates the island s history through rarely seen documents interviews and historic photographs