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bmw auto start stop explained youcanic - bmw auto start stop explained it takes about 1 second for the bmw engine to restart bmw auto start stop can be turned off bmw will remember the state of auto start function even if you turn off the engine and park the car in other words when you enter the car again your bmw knows if you had the auto start on transmission is in the, engine stop auto start stop function bmw user repair - engine stop bmw x3 bmw x3 manual transmission neutral is engaged and the clutch pedal is not pressed the driver s safety belt is buckled or the driver s door is closed the display indicates that the auto start stop function is ready for an automatic engine start, auto stop start less annoying with a manual transmission - on a stick shift car one area of concern for wear and tear on your manual transmission is your clutch the auto start stop feature turns the car off when your clutch is up and the car in neutral when you have your clutch pushed down you are building up heat on the clutch assembly heat is what helps wear out your clutch, the newest manual transmissions are barely manual - the newest manual transmissions are barely manual drivers that can t launch off the line from stalling the engine by using auto start stop technology but bmw has it on unless you put the, manual transmissions face a limited future at bmw news - manual transmissions are disappearing at bmw but not entirely read more about the prospects for the stick shift at bmw at car and driver we can t stop looking at it, bmw auto start stop function - bmw s efficientdynamics strategy is to have the auto start stop function available in all models before the 2017 cafe standards deadline with the roll out of most my14 vehicles bmw added the, the engine start stop systems conspiracy autoevolution - the engine start stop systems conspiracy press the clutch to select the first gear in a vehicle with a manual transmission ice under the hood but your car does come with stop start there, bmw steptronic transmission best of both worlds bmw blog - other transmission choices are of course a fully manual transmission and a sport automatic either standard or as an option on many models if you are interested in seeing whether the bmw you are interested in has the steptronic transmission available head on over to the bmw website and build your model using the build your own tool, bmw e90 325i start stop not working bimmerforums co uk - bmw e90 325i start stop not working transmission type manual car body type saloon join date nov 2013 location saffron walden posts 142 thanks 0 thanked 2 times in 2 posts 20 09 2016 09 20 as the title says just taken delivery of an 07 plate 325i and the start stop isn t working when i stop at traffic lights even once the engine has, understanding what s really killing the manual transmission - here s what s really killing the manual transmission bmw s best automatic has evolved from a miserable four speed to a computer controlled eight speed that shifts faster than any human, bmw automatic engine start stop function msa system functions - the gearstick of the manual transmission must be in neutral the clutch pedal must not be pressed an msa stop is prevented if required due to environmental influences vehicle conditions and engine operating values the following shutdown inhibitors are possible for example engine conditions engine too cold engine in start phase, tech your next car will have auto start stop like it or - especially if you have a manual transmission the silence will make you think you stalled the car unfortunately in many cars automatic start stop is very noticeable the sound of the transition is jarring and it even jerks the car almost like you just gave the brakes a quick tap it s not pleasant and in heavy traffic it s downright, bmw dealers can now deactivate the auto start stop settings - in a bulletin issued to its 300 dealerships in the u s bmw gives the permission for engineers to deactivate the auto start stop settings the innovative system helps improve fuel economy and, love it or hate it stop start technology is here to stay - autoweek says that in cars that pair stop start with a manual transmission it s a lot easier for the car to know when to go the engine shuts off when you shift into neutral and take your foot off the clutch and starts up when you push in the clutch, bmw automatic start stop automatic transmission scribd - vehicle interior is not yet warmed up or cooled down automatic start stop function engine is not yet warmed up system overview automatic start stop function manual transmission the operating logic of the automatic start stop function in vehicles with manual gearbox has already been discussed in the msa i section of this training