Bmw Lifetime Manual Transmission Fluid -

lifetime transmission fluid myth maintenance - bmw and its dealer however strongly advise that i not do so saying that the factory fluid will last the lifetime of the car an i want to change the transmission fluid on my 06 bmw 550i which has about 60k miles, when should i service my bmw transmission - transmission fluid transmission filter play major role in the performance of your bmw taking care of the transmission system is a must for retaining the car performance in the long run lifetime fluids do have limited life period, bmw lifetime transmission fluid baydiagnostic - the fluid bmw uses is also known as lifetime fluid not forever fluid first let me explain why in general transmission manufacturer s for bmw s are better built its either a zf or gm transmission depending on what model you have 3 series commonly uses gm and 5 and 7 series uses the zf, bmw lifetime atf bob is the oil guy - the charts for figuring out what fluid to use in the transition years to the newer specs were complex and confusing to read for the average non bmw mechanic involved colored tags on the transmissions and bmw started using words like use of improper fluid will cause transmission failure, do you believe in bmw s lifetime fluid bmw reddit - it will run the lifetime of the transmission which is about 100k miles i just had my e60 550i transmission serviced a few weeks ago at 72k miles it made a world of a difference i changed out the following transmission fluid only use the zf brand transmission filter pan transmission pan bolts don t reuse bolts on a bmw, bmw lifetime transmission fluid motor vehicle - i m looking a purchasing a 2006 bmw x5 3 0i and found out that the transmission fluid by dealer is not suggested until the vehicle surpasses 100k lifetime transmission fluid stick shift has the same claims that the fluid is good for the lifetime of the car personally i don t buy it and changed it this summer after buying the, manual transmission fluid flush on your bmw pelican parts - the bmw e90 manual transmission fluid is filled at the factory with lifetime fluid green arrow however bmw does not define what the lifetime is therefore it is a good idea to service your fluid every 60 000 miles, bmw diy manual transmission and differential fluid - 6 to fill the manual transmission or differential use a fluid transfer pump see our 1 2 liter fluid transfer pump to add fluid through the filler hole until the level reaches the bottom of the hole