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brian epstein the beatles bible - brian samuel epstein was born on 19 september 1934 on rodney street liverpool his parents were harry and malka epstein before his death in 1967 he made his fortune as manager of the beatles as well as gerry and the pacemakers cilla black and billy j kramer and the dakotas, the fifth beatle the brian epstein story expanded edition - the fifth beatle graphic novel recounts the untold true story of brian epstein the visionary manager who created beatlemania and guided the beatles from basement gigs to unprecedented international stardom it s also an uplifting inspirational human story about the struggle to overcome seemingly, amazon com the fifth beatle the brian epstein story - the fifth beatle is the untold true story of brian epstein the visionary manager who discovered and guided the beatles from their gigs in a tiny cellar in liverpool to unprecedented international stardom, how did beatles manager brian epstein s gayness affect his - a furtive acknowledgement a man s nod to be precise ultimately landed brian samuel epstein the gay eldest son of a prominent jewish family in liverp, john lennon and brian epstein holiday in barcelona spain - i was on holiday with brian epstein in spain where the rumours went around that he and i were having a love affair well it was almost a love affair but not quite, products page ed sullivan show - on february 9 1964 the beatles starring lennon mccartney made history with their first live television performance in the usa on the ed sullivan show, i feel fine by the beatles the in depth story behind - i feel fine beatles songs beatles history recording history songwriting history song structure and style american releases live performances, the untold truth of the beatles grunge com - few bands if any can match the beatles unique combination of enduring popularity and artistic credibility but many people only know the bare bones beatles story there were four of them they were fab they wrote amazing music and ringo got no respect until years later however there s a lot, the beatles the internet beatles album - a collection of beatles related informational sound and picture files made available for study by beatles fans and scholars all over the world to explore the behind the scenes details of beatlemania and its impact on modern music and our society, beatles ultimate experience the beatles interviews database - huge database of full length beatles interviews spanning their career the entire beatles story in their own words rare beatles photos