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the beatles decca audition wikipedia - the audition manager brian epstein made numerous trips to london to visit record companies with the hope of securing a record contract but he was rejected by many including columbia hmv pye philips and oriole neil aspinall drove the beatles down to london on new year s eve in 1961 for a decca audition but lost his way and the trip took ten hours, meet the beatles album the in depth story behind the - origin of the album the fact is not hidden that capitol records the emi owned company which was affiliated with the beatles british label parlophone had passed on releasing beatles records in the us four times in 1963 three of their first four british singles love me do please please me and she loves you passed by the ears of capitol producer dave dexter and were rejected, products page ed sullivan show - a record setting 73 million people tuned in that evening making it one of the seminal moments in television history nearly fifty years later people still remember exactly where they were the night the beatles stepped onto ed sullivan s stage, i am the walrus song by the beatles the in depth story - all four beatles met up at paul s st john s wood house on 1 september 1967 four days after the death of brian epstein states mark lewisohn in the beatles recording sessions they decided many things one of them being the press on with the magical mystery tour project temporarily postponing a planned visit to india to study transcendental meditation, the beatles were titaniced in 1966 reformation - on august 29 1966 all 4 beatles were sent to a watery grave their last performance was at candlestick park in san francisco interestingly 9 is the special number for the knights templar because 9 fighting monks founded that diabolical organization, love you like guitars tumblr - paolayellowdream april 23 1964 john lennon attends a foyle s literary luncheon john left the filming of a hard day s night in the morning to attend the luncheon held in his honour at the dorchester hotel london, dubbed the secret beatle early fab four booking manager - tributes have been paid to early beatles booker joe flannery who has died at the age of 87 dubbed the secret beatle flannery was the band s booking manager from 1962 to 1963 and played a key, paul mccartney admits beatles planned death hoax beatle net - by bruce spizer originally published april 2004 upon completion be sure to read the note in the black box at the end of the article while on a recent quick vacation in new orleans paul mccartney let his guard down and admitted what some beatles fans have suspected for years, why the beatles broke up rolling stone - it was a cold january in 1969 and the beatles were seated on a vast even colder soundstage at london s twickenham film studios in the company of the last people in the world they wanted to, the beatles peter jackson working on film about let it be - the beatles and director peter jackson are collaborating on a new film about the sessions that produced the group s final album they said wednesday the as yet untitled documentary is to be, when the beatles visited newquay september 1967 - the magical mystery tour revival project is about the beatles visit to newquay in september 1967 whilst filming the magical mystery tour movie in cornwall, beatles news beatlesnews com - best motown beatles covers when motown met the beatles the four beatles all loved motown and would search the racks of brian epstein s nems record shop for hidden treasures from the detroit label hoping to find unheard gems, baby you re a rich man the beatles bible - that s a combination of two separate pieces paul s and mine put together and forced into one song one half was all mine sings how does it feel to be one of the beautiful people now that you know who you are da da da da then paul comes in with sings baby you re a rich man which was a lick he had around, the beatles story team up with local artist to celebrate - the beatles story commissions local street artist paul curtis to bring a special glimpse of abbey road to liverpool in celebration of the album s 50th birthday in 2019 the world celebrates 50 years of yet another iconic beatles album and to mark the occasion the award winning royal albert dock based attraction has teamed up with, the beatles the beatles album review pitchfork - in his review of the beatles 1963 lp debut please please me tom ewing pointed out that whether or not you consider them to be the best band of the rock n roll era they certainly have the, beatles vinyl records butcher covers memorabila - beatles records albums 45 s lp s record yesterday and today butcher covers block beatles albums beatle memorabilia collectibles anthology records acetates merchandise record yellow submarine singles john lennon imagine autographs paul mccartney george harrison ringo starr fab four records 4 sale, dave dexter the beatles and capitol records folkrocks - dave dexter is not the most popular figure in beatles lore he s most notorious for adding reverb to some of their early recordings for their us releases on capitol records mixes that can be heard on the cds the capitol albums vol 1 and the capitol albums vol 2 he s also infamous for rejecting the beatles first four singles for american release before capitol finally issued i, the beatles children john paul george ringo s kids - combined the members of the beatles have a total of 10 biological children here is a breakdown of the beatles children in order of birth with an update of what they are doing now the beatles child 1 john charles julian lennon born april 8 1963 with cynthia lennon julian is an english musician songwriter actor and photographer in 1984 he enjoyed immediate success with his