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mr brian epstein official website - the man who discovered the beatles this is the official website dedicated to celebrating the life and achievements of beatles manager brian epstein a man whose prescience taste vision and passion has left an indelible impact on our planet, john lennon s rumored gay affair with brian epstein what - john was a smart cookie brian was gay and john saw his opportunity to impress upon mr epstein who was the boss of the group i think that s why he went on holiday with brian, northern songs the true story of the beatles song - northern songs the true story of the beatles song publishing empire brian southall on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the story of how lennon and mccartney lost the most valuable song publishing catalogue in the world this is a staggering saga of incompetence, the story behind the beatles on ed sullivan internet - the story behind the beatles on ed sullivan by bruce spizer beatles author and historian on sunday feb 9 1964 over 73 million americans gathered around television sets to see what all the excitement was about, the day the beatles fired pete best ultimate classic rock - on aug 16 1962 the beatles fired their original drummer pete best and replaced him with ringo starr, john paul george ringo and me the real beatles story - a career long professional writer and pr consultant tony barrow was the beatles publicist between 1962 when they issued their first single love me do and 1968 when they set up their own management company, products page ed sullivan show - on february 9th 1964 the beatles with their edwardian suits and mop top haircuts made their first american television appearance live on the ed sullivan show, 13 days as a beatle the sad history of jimmie nicol - berkenstadt said nicol s life however went into a downward spiral when his time as a beatle ended the first big downer for jimmie was that his first two solo bands after the beatles didn, beatles ultimate experience the beatles interviews database - the beatles interviews database is a non profit website intended for educational use www beatlesinterviews org