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vista virtual prototyping for systemc tlm 2 0 mentor - with software development becoming the fastest growing component of nre costs for both soc and final product development the challenges of developing integrating validating and optimizing software in the context of complex hardware architectures are dominating the embedded design process, eda tools and ip for system design enablement cadence - cadence is a leading eda and system design enablement provider delivering tools software and ip to help you build great products that connect the world, allegro downloads eda tools and ip for system design - cadence system design and verification solutions integrated under our verification suite provide the simulation acceleration emulation and management capabilities verification suite related products a z, verilab resources papers and presentations - in this paper we show how to create a uvm testbench with interface connections that universally work in any design simulation context a harness is a common solution for encapsulating interfaces binding them to the dut and publishing virtual interface assignments