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exercise 3 the microscope flashcards easy notecards - when transporting the microscope hold it in an upright position with one hand on its arm and the other supporting its base avoid swinging the instrument during its transport and jarring the instrument when setting it down the following statements are true or false if true write t on the answer blank, exercise 3 the microscope flashcards quizlet - exercise 3 the microscope the field is smaller the object must be centered so that it falls into the field of the higher power lens the light to the field is reduced as the iris diaphragm is closed the working distance is less than that of the high power lens only half of the field is illuminated the lens is not correctly rotated, exercise 3 the microscope flashcards quizlet - if after focusing in low power only the fine adjustment need be used to focus the specimen at the higher powers the microscope is said to be parafocal do the following factors increase or decrease as one moves to higher magnifications with the microscope, the microscope hollyrule webs com - microscope if they forget to check they will miss the point of the exercise 2 beware of common focusing problems dirty lenses inverted slide objective lens not securely in place and wrong lens in position oil immersion instead of high power 3, exercise 3 the microscope flashcards easy notecards - if a microscope has a 10x ocular and the total magnification at a particular time is 950x the objective lens in use at the time is x 95 24 why should the light be dimmed when looking at living nearly transparent cells increase contrast 25, anatomy exercise 3 the microscope flashcards cram com - study flashcards on anatomy exercise 3 the microscope at cram com quickly memorize the terms phrases and much more cram com makes it easy to get the grade you want determined by the amount and physical properties of the visible light that enters the microscope more light delivered to the objective lens the greater the resolution, exercise 3 the microscope lakestexascity com - title exercise 3 the microscope author mark batty publisher subject exercise 3 the microscope keywords download books exercise 3 the microscope download books exercise 3 the microscope online download books exercise 3 the microscope pdf download books exercise 3 the microscope for free books exercise 3 the microscope to read read online exercise 3 the microscope books free, exercise 3 lab microscope studyblue - study 37 exercise 3 lab microscope flashcards from lourdes g on studyblue exercise 3 lab microscope anatomy physiology 168 with tone at central piedmont community college studyblue flashcards, exercise 3 the microscope richland college biol 2401 - exercise 3 the microscope microscope slide e to demonstrate proper techniques for care and operation of the microscope to define total magnification and resolution to demonstrate proper focusing technique to define parfocal field and depth of field to estimate the size of objects in a field, exercise 3 review sheet key course hero - 2 if when switching from lower to higher power the microscope stays in focus the microscope is said to be 3 3 the area seen when looking through the microscope is called a the viewing region b the specimen view c the field d the area of examination key thurs 1 true 2 parfocal 3 c the field, download exercise 3 the microscope luxusbagstores com - download exercise 3 the microscope diabase magnification 40x is an intrusive igneous rock which means a magma formed deep in the earth was emplaced in the crust and cooled slowly 1, 805 microscope lab answers john abbott college - the total magnification of the microscope is equal to the magnification of the ocular multiplied by the magnification of the objective if you are using the 10x objective and the 10x ocular the total magnification would be 10 x 10 100x a specimen which is actually 1mm in size would appear to be 100mm in size when viewed through the microscope, lab 3 microscopic observation of unicellular and - lab 3 microscope and cells revised fall 2009 lab 3 biol 211 page 5 of 26 4 focus proper focusing technique for scanning and low power a viewing the stage from the side use the coarse adjustment knob to raise the stage until the stop is reached that will prevent further movement of the stage, exercise 3 the microscope at nazareth college studyblue - exercise 3 the microscope kristen a 19 cards the microscope allows us to study the cellular makeup of specimens identify and differentiate normal and abnormal tissues measure the size of a specimen observe and study structures that are too small to see with the naked eye perform all of the listed actions