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guinea lynx a medical and care guide for your guinea pig - need the basics start with the care guide raising a healthy guinea pig is your guinea pig ill consult the emergency medical guide for signs of illness looking for a pet do it the right way and adopt a rescued guinea pig many people are unaware there are homeless guinea pigs, guinea pig behaviour jackie s guinea piggies - all about guinea pig behaviour including popcorning barbering coprophagy biting and sleeping, all about guinea pigs guinea pig manual - guinea pig manual is a non profitable website a smallest donation would help with maintenance expenses, los angeles guinea pig rescue home - la guinea pig rescue and adoption located in chatsworth ca 91311 we are a no kill private shelter all our guinea pigs are located at our chatsworth facility at any time we usually have about 200 guinea pigs available and some of those may be babies, guinea pig diet life span facts britannica com - guinea pig cavia porcellus a domesticated species of south american rodent belonging to the cavy family caviidae it resembles other cavies in having a robust body with short limbs large head and eyes and short ears the feet have hairless soles and short sharp claws there are four toes on the forefeet and three on the hind feet, guinea pig club wikipedia - the guinea pig club established in 1941 was a social club and mutual support network for british and allied aircrew injured during world war ii its membership was made up of patients of archibald mcindoe at queen victoria hospital east grinstead sussex who had undergone experimental reconstructive plastic surgery including facial reconstruction generally after receiving burns injuries, guinea pig neutering how to neuter your guinea pigs - cat dog vs exotic vets please do not assume that any vet can do a guinea pig neuter most cat and dog vets should not do a guinea pig neuter you need to find a vet who has done quite a few guinea pig neuters and has a high success rate doing them, guinea pig facts live science - offspring male cavies are called boars and females are called sows again with the pig nomenclature baby guinea pigs are called pups sows have a gestation period of 59 to 72 days and give, bathing your guinea pig jackie s guinea pigs - reasons to bath your guinea pig guinea pigs are very clean animals and unless you don t regularly clean out their cage then most of the time they keep that lovely familiar guinea pig aroma, pet guinea pig care information facts pictures - guinea pigs are tail less rodents that are native to the west coast of south america and since the mid 1800 s laboratories have used them for research, guinea pig dental care guniea pig teeth veterinary - guinea pig oral and dental health care guinea pigs have continually growing and erupting teeth they have an elodont dentition which consists of aradicular hypsodont incisors and cheek teeth, guinea pig care guinea pig breeds animal world - background scientific name domestic guinea pig cavies cavia porcellus wild guinea pig cuis cavia aperea and cavia tschudii the domestic guinea pig was first described by linnaeus in 1758 as mus porcellus guinea pigs more accurately called cavies are generally classed as rodents and originated in south america, guinea pig breeds guinea pig care for all types of guinea - i am looking to buy a teddy guinea pig preferable female as i have a female guinea pig she lost her cage mate and is only a year and half old and needs a new cage, guinea pigs guinea pigs welfare tips advice health - all the information you need to know about guinea pigs including information on diet bedding and more find out how to care for your guinea pig, allergic to guinea pig - guinea pig manual is a non profitable website a smallest donation would help with maintenance expenses, american guinea pig care guide personality breed - when people think guinea pig most people probably imagine the extremely popular short haired american guinea pig there are plenty of reasons why this breed make such great pets resulting in their increasing popularity in pet owner s homes around the world, guinea pig diseases pets pet care - guinea pig parasites mange ringworm lice and ciccodioses mange mange is a common parasitic disease that affects the skin of guinea pigs this parasite can cause skin irritations and hair loss in large clumps on the back of the guinea pigs, the lowdown on guinea pig poop abyssinian guinea pig tips - well let me tell you a little story when my kids were young i got them this cute little bunny rabbit it seemed like a good idea at the time, mgpr metropolitan guinea pig rescue - about us mgpr is a non profit virginia corporation that rescues rehabilitates and finds new homes for guinea pigs in the dc maryland and virginia area, keeping and caring for a pet guinea pig - if you are considering getting a guinea pig you will need to know the basic facts about them beyond choosing based on appearance learn how to select a healthy animal and the basic requirements they need to thrive as a pet, guinea pig rehome adopt a unwanted guineapig cavy from - welcome to guinea pig rehome guinea pig rehome uk allows rescue centres and individuals to enter details of guinea pig s in need of new homes and guinea pig lovers can search for the guinea pig that suits them best we are not organising adoptions online you will need to contact the rescue centre to find out about their homing policy, dangerous guinea pig food list unsafe foods happy cavy - guinea pig dangerous foods updated february 17 2019 the below guinea pig dangerous foods list is a compilation of vegetables fruits and herbs that are not safe for guinea pig consumption, 5 common mistakes guinea pig owners make pethelpful - a guinea pig or cavy is a very fragile pet that requires more care than most people think many new guinea pig owners are guilty of some or all of these five common mistakes, guinea pig market fleece bedding liners cozies toys c - fleece flippers fleece cage liners supplies and accessories for guinea pig cages along with cozies tunnels and more for gp cages and c c cages, guinea pigs and cold weather online guinea pig care - i have kept guinea pigs for years one of my longest living one lived for fifteen years and was kept outside i always covered her up the three i have now are all in different runs and hutches as they are all male and fight if put together, how to hold a guinea pig with pictures wikihow - guinea pigs are fun pets and become tamer over time however they do not like being handled too much or too often especially when they first enter your home when you do start handling them you should know the right way to hold your guinea pig to keep her safe and happy, fun guinea pig facts for kids interesting information - the guinea pig or cavy is a species of rodent in the family caviidae and the genus cavia despite being called guinea pigs they are not in the pig family or from guinea, 3 ways to tell if your guinea pig is pregnant wikihow - consider whether your guinea pig was in the presence of a boar boars are male guinea pigs if a female guinea pig has been in the presence of a boar then she will have almost certainly tried to mate and has a high chance of becoming pregnant, guinea pig care animal humane society - guinea pigs require unlimited amounts of fresh green grass hay usually timothy alfalfa hay alfalfa treats are okay for young guinea pigs and pregnant or malnourished adults but otherwise should not be given on a regular basis, caring for your guinea pig tips on looking after guinea - looking after guinea pigs is a rewarding experience guinea pigs or cavies to give them their proper name are fascinating intelligent and when handled correctly friendly learn about how to care for your guinea pig with expert advice from blue cross, guinea pig life span how long do guinea pigs live - guinea pig life span depending entirely on species and the type of breed the average life span of guinea pigs is 5 to 10 years how long the guinea pig will survive also rely on the extent of care it receives from its true owner, cavy house guinea pig rescue - cavy house is a non profit no kill organization that rescues guinea pigs from local bay area shelters and provides the necessary veterinary care and socializing needed to place these guinea pigs into forever loving homes