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guinea pig care facts how to take care of a guinea pig - a well balanced guinea pig diet consists of high quality guinea pig food timothy hay and limited amounts of vegetables and fruits require 30 to 50 mg of vitamin c daily from high quality food vitamin supplements or fruits and vegetables high in vitamin c, guinea pig definition of guinea pig by merriam webster - guinea pig definition is a small stout bodied short eared tailless domesticated rodent cavia porcellus of south american origin often kept as a pet and widely used in biological research called also cavy, keeping and caring for a pet guinea pig - a wide variety of colors are seen among these different breeds hairless varieties are called skinny pigs guinea pigs are a moderately long term commitment with an expected lifespan of around 5 7 years although a guinea pig living for up to 10 years isn t unheard of, list of guinea pig breeds wikipedia - there are many breeds of guinea pig or cavy which have been developed since its domestication ca 5000 bc breeds vary widely in appearance and purpose ranging from show breeds with long flowing hair to those in use as model organisms by science, guinea pig diet life span facts britannica com - guinea pig cavia porcellus a domesticated species of south american rodent belonging to the cavy family caviidae it resembles other cavies in having a robust body with short limbs large head and eyes and short ears the feet have hairless soles and short sharp claws there are four toes on the forefeet and three on the hind feet, all types of guinea pig breeds described and help to - mohair guinea pig the mohair is nowhere a offical accepted breed neigther the name nor the breed it is a combination of a angora silkie and texel and has long curly fur with cowlicks alpaca guinea pig the alpace is a peruvian with curly fur it has two cowlicks and swirls on its head too lunkarya guinea pig the sheep cavy, how to care for guinea pigs with pictures wikihow - do not feed a guinea pig rabbit or other small animal pellets the vitamin content is not the same and can be harmful to your guinea pig if you do feed a guinea pig pellets be sure that they are seed free to prevent choking, guinea pig cages store cagetopia c c guinea pig cages - we wrote the book on c c cages for guinea pigs we are the original inventors and creators of c c cages our mission provide the best environment for your guinea pigs and make it easy on you too, things to know before getting a pet guinea pig - guinea pigs need a lot of floor space and most cages marketed as guinea pig cages are much too small especially for a pair making a homemade cage is very easy though and since guinea pigs are a good size and not escape artists a homemade cage is a great option, guinea pig food list food they can eat and food they - food they can eat and what they really like guinea pig food list april 20 2015 in feeding guinea pigs auto translated there is a huge variety of plant you can feed your guinea pigs with, vegetables and fruits safe for guinea pigs to eat the - are the foods you have been giving your cavy guinea pig safe besides water hay and pellets what else can your guinea pig eat jump to the guinea pig safe food list first let s take a look at the basics of a guinea pig diet or jump to what the happy cavy herd eats for a general guide on the daily dietary requirements of guinea pigs, guinea pig buywildgamemeats com - guinea pig meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol and is described as being similar to rabbit and the dark meat of chicken the animal may be served fried broiled or roasted and in urban restaurants may also be served in a casserole or a fricassee