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office of naval intelligence ship drawings and photos - free public domain u s government oni office of naval intelligence id recognition manual book plans drawings of world war 2 ii ships warships naval vessels and more to come, russian naval facility in tartus wikipedia - the russian naval facility in tartus is a leased military installation of the russian navy located on the northern edge of the sea port of the syrian city of tartus up until 2017 russian official usage classified the installation as a material technical support point russian and not as a base, e f n i earth force naval intelligence ships of e f n i - this part is dedicated to earthforce ships that even if not isuued to e f n i naval service are particularly interesting from the technical or historical point of view, life and customs royal navy and naval history net - i let s go on board do you want to know something of your navy not about the ships themselves any text book on naval architecture will tell you all you want to know of that side of it and more, u s submarines through 1945 an illustrated design - this large format book the seventh in friedman s acclaimed design history series is lavishly illustrated detailed inboard profiles of every distinct type of submarine the u s navy bought between 1900 and 1945 and also types exported by u s builders show how the submarines changed