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israel news the jerusalem post - israel news features every important moment from the jewish state involving politics celebrities and innovation this is the hard hitting fast paced news that represents the jewish nation in an, is john brennan the mastermind behind russiagate - is john brennan the mastermind behind russiagate by mike whitney february 14 2018 information clearing house the report the dossier that claims that donald trump colluded with russia was paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton campaign the company that claims that russia hacked dnc computer servers was paid by the dnc and hillary clinton campaign, book shelf wall street on parade - the underlying theme that wall street s federal regulators have become whores for the industry permeates most of the well researched books that have been written about wall street over the past decade, middle east news the jerusalem post - the region known as the middle east has been conquered and reconquered by every super power in the west this has created a region rich in a culture of resistance and thousands of ethnic groups, reuters confirms that bolton torpedoed the hanoi summit - april 01 2019 information clearing house an explosive report by reuters confirms that john bolton sabotaged the denuclearization talks between kim jong un and donald trump in hanoi in february according to a march 29 exclusive by journalists lesley wroughton and david brunnstrom, ayn rand anti communism the left friesian school - die falschheit eines urtheils ist uns noch kein einwand gegen ein urtheil darin klingt unsre neue sprache vielleicht am fremdesten die frage ist wie weit es lebenf rdernd lebenerhaltend art erhaltend vielleicht gar art z chtend ist und wir sind grunds tzlich geneigt zu behaupten da die falschesten urtheile zu denen die synthetischen urtheile a prior geh ren uns die, bobaganda bob waldrop with hair on fire rants on - bob waldrop with hair on fire rants on politics economics food permaculture sustainability peak oil climate instability cooperatives local foods and etc, tv archive pajiba entertainment politics culture - what other inspirational home decor platitudes would make good tv series titles 9 1 1 recap guess who saved the day while on sick leave this guy, why i m a monarchist the imaginative conservative - thank you for this excellent article i have two comments 1 thank you for posting and analyzing the margaret thatcher interview when the journalist tells her that she got mr gorbachev to jump lady thatcher prophetically foresees the fate of the west when she says i wonder what he thought about the politics of a free people he and many others from around the world who have, 5 horrible ideas and beliefs republicans will never let die - still trying to make a point on the 47 letter obama said he was going straight to the un with agreement but once members of congress saw the interim agreement not stopping iran s nuclear program as obama had stated but to just delaying it without total verification for future years and all sanctions released immediately obama was forced to bring it to congress by a bi partisan bill, linh dinh archive the unz review - born in vietnam in 1963 linh dinh came to the us in 1975 and has also lived in italy and england he is the author of two books of stories fake house 2000 and blood and soap 2004 five of poems all around what empties out 2003 american tatts 2005 borderless bodies 2006 jam alerts 2007 and some kind of cheese orgy 2009 and a novel love like hate 2010, technology and science news abc news - get the latest science news and technology news read tech reviews and more at abc news, decency for president max lucado - ben wilson you are 100 correct what choice do we have anymore all the damage has been done and it wasn t trump who changed rules in regard to marriage making abortion ok letting people have gender problems due to a little four year old wanting to change a real bad example for the whole country, russiagate is not watergate counterpunch org - richard nixon was a complicated man he was arguably our last liberal president he transformed the political scene in countless ways some good some far from it together with henry kissinger, eye of the storm series 12 pushing ahead no matter what - a new reality is being born please see our fair use notice april 12 2011 eye of the storm series 12 pushing ahead no matter what hello everysoul, new age of activism - new age of activism is a blog about lgbt people spiritual awakening kundalini awakening activation the mind god realization human rights, illuminati news articles by wes penre - interviews with wes penre me and the devil blues mad of nwowatcher interviews wes penre of illuminati news part 1 one man who has been researching these subjects for many years and providing his own unique commentary in the topics of globalization international banking the new world order and planetary slavery is wes penre who manages www illuminati news com a provocative and, benjamin fulford reports antimatrix - note but before we begin looking at it first of all we repeat again and again do not blindly believe anything or merely take in on faith what is said here is just a particular way to look at things but it does not imply that you are forced to agree with anything said here or anywhere for that matter, eventsevents aspen institute deutschland - aspen institute deutschland das aspen institute ist eine internationale gemeinn tzige organisation zur f rderung der wertebasierten f hrungsqualit ten zur pflege zeitloser ideen und best ndiger werte sowie f r einen offenen dialog ber fragen der zeit, jewish exploitation of the usa chuckmaultsby net - a nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious but it cannot survive treason from within an enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and carries his banner openly, the best donald trump jokes tweets and quotations knock - the hypertexts the best donald trump jokes puns tweets quotes poems limericks and hashtags q what do you call it when a man baby takes over the american government, donald trump nicknames the hypertexts - the hypertexts donald trump nicknames trump family friends associates lapdog nicknames welcome to the largest online collection of trump related nicknames puns and, starlight news blog election musings and beyond - as we watch in paralyzing horror donald trump is cavalierly trampling over the soul of america on a minute by minute basis he conjures up whatever narrative suits his personal need any adherence to fact or rationality be damned, current time bulletin of the atomic scientists - as the bulletin s science and security board prepared for its first set of doomsday clock discussions this fall it began referring to the current world security situation as a new abnormal this new abnormal is a pernicious and dangerous departure from the time when the united states sought a leadership role in designing and supporting global agreements that advanced a safer and, 324 000 u s blacks killed by blacks in only 35 years - during an interview on nbc s meet the press on november 23 giuliani told blacks who were accusing white police of killing them that white police officers wouldn t be there if you weren t killing each other giuliani pointed out that 93 of blacks are killed by other blacks after the other talk show guest georgetown university professor michael eric dyson, john derbyshire for secretary of education by fred reed - in looking for a piece i seemed to remember in which john a prolific internet presence advocates abolishing public education i came across his overall diagnosis of schooling in america well worth reading and a marvel of concision and accuracy on its strength i hereby nominate him as seced as one says in the as yet undrained swamp on the potomac, how to ask god for money prayerforce org prayer blog - the most frequently visited posts on my blog are about finances people are looking for answers in regard to how to ask god for money they want to know the relationship between god and money, america now in cognitive dissonance hell incog man - the subversive jews control the umbrella organizations of advertising agencies all across the country where they literally send out written orders to diversify commercials or risk losing legal and pr help should they get sued by money grubbers and all the stinking punks denigrating our race, book lounge category blogs - january fiction homegrown hero by khurrum rahman the follow up to his brilliant and funny debut east of hounslow sex lies and stellenbosch by eva mazza a behind the scenes look at the upstanding town of stellenbosch written as fiction to protect the innocent non fiction the a to z of south african politics people parties players a bang up to date look at sa, sol war sons of light warriors alien resistance - assange is a rothschild israeli operative we all tend to be too eager for a hero against the establishment so we don t recognize that sometimes a fake hero is supplied by the cia s own favoured media outlets disclaimer many well intentioned people have pinned their hopes on assange being a genuine voice for government transparency but brabantian s serious warnings cannot be ignored, starlight news blog flurry of fury - thank you i just was hoping and praying that by 2020 he would have been forced to resign and not be potus any more any thoughts about william barr and whether he is trustworthy his son in law is part of white house council and is apparently down there this weekend in mar lago, climate change has anything actually changed don aitkin - don glad to see you able to get back to the keyboard and that you remain articulate and challenging as always we have rather different views these days which was not so much the case when we were both active in national university affairs and policy in the 80s and 90s in particular, waking into our new volatile age of oil prices energy - guest post by tom therramus that is the pen name of a us based professor the article was first published on oil price net consider some recent headlines world bank warns of extreme volatility in oil markets international energy agency head oil markets are entering an era of unprecedented volatility and oil prices spike stocks plummet as uncertainty roils global markets, the film spectrum by jason fraley - call it the scariest horror flick ever made a moby dick action adventure a social commentary on beach towns and greedy mayors a humanistic family story of science and wonder one of the best film adaptations of a best selling novel one of the pioneering summer blockbusters and the winner of three academy awards editing sound score, poem of the masses pangloss wisdom - poem of the masses my smile melts with confusion artisticly enhanced she titty danced her clients glanced at her mammarily expansed bust de pantsed