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amazon com long range shooting handbook complete - whether you re looking to dip a toe into the complex world of long range shooting or you re a seasoned shooter with years of trigger time ryan cleckner s book will prove to be excellent reference material, long range shooting handbook ryan m cleckner - long range shooting handbook ryan m cleckner on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a portion of this book s proceeds will be donated to two military charities the special operation warrior foundation and the sua sponte foundation this book is the complete beginner s guide to long range shooting written in simple every day language so that it s easy to follow, the 6mm creedmoor the next big thing in long range - it started as the mere spark of an idea back in 2007 i wanted to write an article about how one goes about developing a wildcat cartridge as a fan of long range shooting and in order to give the story an editorial hook with some sex appeal i decided a cartridge capable of accurate 1 000 yard shots that had moderate recoil was the way to go, buyer s guide finding a budget long range scope - budget and long range relativity both the term budget or low cost and long range are both relative terms one person s long range shooting could be five hundred yards while another shooter is putting round after round on target at a thousand yards, build your own shooting range guns and shooting - tony smotherman s take on shooting practice realtree pro staffer tony smotherman is a leading expert when it comes to shooting and hunting with muzzleloaders, 10 best long range cartridges of all time gun digest - winchester introduced this powerful belted cartridge in 1963 and it quickly gained a loyal following with hunters and target shooters alike it s a popular round at long range matches and it s well suited for a variety of long range hunting situations particularly for large sized game, elm fork shooting sports - welcome whether you want to break clays with your shotgun shoot reactionary steel with your handgun sight in a new scope or get great training in any of these disciplines there is simply no better destination in the dallas fort worth area than elm fork shooting sports range hours, archery equipment safety and range commands - teaching outline presentation i origins of archery a hunters and warriors b shooting at long range 1 hunting or warfare 2 target shooting, gear test 10 new rangefinders for hunters and long - our test of 10 of the most popular rangefinders was designed to evaluate those attributes we measured a wide range of capabilities not only in power and precision but also in display computation optical clarity and customization to help you choose a rangefinder for three typical but fairly distinct purposes bowhunting general rifle hunting and long distance precision shooting, white tailed and mule deer hunting regulations north - hunting hours hunting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset except opening day hunters must cease any hunting activity leave any stand or blind and must be in the process of leaving the field at the close of shooting hours, best hunting binoculars 2018 our buying guide reviews the - we review the best hunting binoculars for the money our buying guide includes how to choose top rated binos for your next hunting trip and get value, forums long range hunting forum - about us my family and i welcome you i started lrh back in 2001 to provide a friendly place where like minded individuals could share information and ideas to help take their long range shooting and hunting to the next level, disease precautions for hunters - this paper is intended to be a general guide about diseases that hunters and their hunting dogs may encounter links to additional information have been provided where appropriate, 358 shooting times alaskan ballisticstudies com - history the 358 shooting times alaskan is a wildcat created by gun writer lane simpson and introduced to hunters in 1992 as simpson pointed out this cartridge is similar to the 350 griffin howe 358 375 h h but was instead based on the 8mm remington magnum necked up to 358 caliber, a guide to the best hunting scope in 2016 - judging by the increasing number of firearms and hunting licenses purchased by hunters each year there can be no doubt that hunting is rapidly growing in popularity among outdoorsmen in fact with such a wide range of game species available raging from varmints like prairie dogs and coyotes to medium sized game species such as feral hogs and whitetail deer to large game such as elk and, hunters anglers and trappers of vermont hatvt org - other unsung environmental stewards are vermont s hunters anglers and trappers who protect the values and traditions of outdoor sports in our state, 6 best shooting glasses reviews comprehensive guide 2018 - best shooting glasses and eyewear 1 remington t 71 dual mode shooting glasses we ve all done it in fact every single one of us looking for the best eye protection for shooting has admitted to going out to the range without safety glasses, shooting industry shooting industry magazine - 4 rules for enhanced safety sales but the four rules of gun safety are so integral to the shooting industry there will be many times where they come into play and affect the decisions customers make in your store or on your range, 224 valkyrie complete guide specs ammo guns pew - every year there s a new wonder cartridge that s going to let us shoot further faster flatter or with more force psa 224 valkyrie bolt the current flavor of the month is the 224 valkyrie from federal that s been in the works for quite some time, cocker spaniels the cocker craze shooting sportsman - the growing popularity of english cocker spaniels by roger catchpole m y first english cocker spaniel was named kensey bred by two time english cocker spaniel championship winner carl colclough from the parkbreck line of gundogs carl s father clarence was the gamekeeper on my family s estate in england and carl had agreed to sell kensey to my parents as a favor to his father