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php runtime configuration manual - runtime configuration the behaviour of these functions is affected by settings in php ini, avm fritz box 3490 configuration and operation manual - view and download avm fritz box 3490 configuration and operation manual online fritz box 3490 network router pdf manual download, configuration file supervisor 3 3 4 documentation - configuration file the supervisor configuration file is conventionally named supervisord conf it is used by both supervisord and supervisorctl if either application is started without the c option the option which is used to tell the application the configuration filename explicitly the application will look for a file named supervisord conf within the following locations in the, options and configuration winmerge 2 12 manual - click edit options in the menu or the options button in the toolbar the options dialog contains a number of pages each containing a group of related options you can open any page by clicking its title in the categories list on the left side of the dialog, manual localsettings php mediawiki - overview of available settings see the configuration settings index and the comments included in the settings files for help on what all the variables do a short listing of the most important variables as well as the most requested features is listed below, email manual configuration netzero support site - email manual configuration please select your email program from the list below for instructions on how to configure it to send and receive netzero email, user s manual freefixer - user s manual freefixer is a general purpose removal tool which will help you to delete potentially unwanted software such as adware spyware trojans viruses and rootkits, telkom sa limited user manual for telkom internet static - telkom sa soc limited user manual for telkom internet static ip addresses for dsl tkg xxxxxxvxx xxx proprietary confidential company information 2 4 configuration parameters an l2tp access controller needs to be configured correctly be able to establish an l2tp, verizon fios g1100 user manual pdf download - view and download verizon fios g1100 user manual online quantum gateway fios g1100 gateway pdf manual download, cisco ip phone sip configuration and settings voipvoip - cisco ip phone 7940 7960 voip settings configuration cisco has stated that they will not continue to develop sip software for the cisco line of phones so our recommendation is not to invest in a cisco phone for use with voipvoip, android my touch g1 moto cliq behold 2 - please wait a couple of minutes after setting it up manual data configuration android my touch g1 moto cliq behold 2 1 press menu button 2 tap settings wireless controls or wireless networks mobile networks heck if data roaming and use only 2g networks are both unchecked, cradlepoint knowledge base manual status - the client list displays the specifications of each device connected to your router including wireless and wired clients wireless clients for each device using a wireless connection to your router the following information is displayed hostname ip mac connection and time online, postfix standard configuration examples - purpose of this document this document presents a number of typical postfix configurations this document should be reviewed after you have followed the basic configuration steps as described in the basic configuration readme document in particular do not proceed here if you don t already have postfix working for local mail submission and for local mail delivery, internet based client management configuration manager - tunneling if your proxy web server cannot support the requirements for ssl bridging or you want to configure internet support for mobile devices that are enrolled by configuration manager ssl tunneling is also supported, manage connections from windows operating system - for windows 10 windows server 2016 with desktop experience and windows server 2016 server core enable the group policy computer configuration administrative templates system internet communication management internet communication settings turn off automatic root certificates update and navigate to computer configuration windows settings security settings public key policies, megashift and tuning software msgpio com - megashift v5 settings v5 1xx megashift code is the latest release code for controlling automatic transmissions using the gpio board form bowling and grippo this code has up to 8 forward speeds full can pas through configuration and monitoring datalogging with tunerstudioms fully user configurable automatic or manual mode with user tables for shift speeds and line pressures a, openspot user manual sharkrf - openspot user manual note that this user manual is for the stable firmware version 0138 it s updated with new information when a new stable firmware is released, spectrum lab configuration dialog qsl net - spectrum lab configuration dialog from the options menu you can activate a special setup window where you may modify the following parameters, chapter 3 configuring virtual machines - since virtualbox is designed to provide a generic virtualization environment for x86 systems it may run operating systems of any kind even those not listed here, is there any way of configuring eclipse ide proxy settings - i am behind a firewall which uses autoproxy configuration script i am able to browse the internet when i enable the autoproxy url in most browsers i use ie 7 ie 8 ff chrome for your referenc, fldigi users manual sound card configuration - a few words about sound i o on the pc you are in a maze of twisty little passages all alike portaudio pulseaudio and oss are different ways in which fldigi can access your sound card through the various sound systems