Offshore Safety Moment Topics -

perilous business of offshore oil drilling safetymoment - the explosion and fire this week aboard the deepwater horizon rig in the gulf of mexico is a stark reminder of the dangers inherent in the offshore drilling industry, offshore safety three decades on from piper alpha oil - it s 30 years since the world looked on in horror as the terrible events of piper alpha unfolded lessons learned from that tragedy have ensured that the health and safety regime in the north sea is entirely different now, designing for offshore construction kasten marine - please see our available boat plans web page estimating boatbuilding costs is there a cost benefit to building offshore originally titled us yacht designs for building offshore, just how sleepy are you iadc international - just how sleepy are you did you get adequate sleep last night did you drink alcohol heavily before going to bed last night how long is your shift today, minute s silence for piper alpha s 167 victims bbc news - image caption a minute s silence was held at the piper alpha memorial lord cullen s report into the disaster after a 13 month inquiry led to a radical overhaul of safety practices, offshore motorboats and an ideal geezer boat - you may also like of dishwashers and yacht designers which is the best boat for offshore cruising meeting up with steve and linda dashew, blowout well drilling wikipedia - after the macondo 1 blowout on the deepwater horizon the offshore industry collaborated with government regulators to develop a framework to respond to future subsea incidents, which is the best boat for offshore cruising - the debate is incessant in the cruising community what is the best cruising boat john comes up with an answer that may surprise you, five of the best offshore current accounts this is money - an offshore bank account may sound like something out of a james bond movie but the truth is offshore accounts despite the bad reputation anything offshore has attracted can be a must have for anyone who lives works or buys property abroad and routinely transfers money between international accounts or currencies at a moment s notice, reaping the wind with the biggest turbines ever made bbc - wind power capacity is growing thanks to giant offshore turbines but can they get much bigger, asea to regulate safety and environmental performance - what is asea s mandate and how will it achieve the objectives laid out for it, safety culture and leadership by professor patrick hudson - in this presentation professor hudson explains how the elements of culture change depending on what level of the safety ladder people are at and as they learn and progress, 2011 t hoku earthquake and tsunami wikipedia - this megathrust earthquake was a recurrence of the mechanism of the earlier 869 sanriku earthquake which has been estimated as having a magnitude of at least 8 4 m w which also created a large tsunami that inundated the sendai plain, technology and science news abc news - get the latest science news and technology news read tech reviews and more at abc news