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quaternions and spatial rotation wikipedia - unit quaternions also known as versors provide a convenient mathematical notation for representing orientations and rotations of objects in three dimensions compared to euler angles they are simpler to compose and avoid the problem of gimbal lock compared to rotation matrices they are more compact more numerically stable and more efficient quaternions have applications in computer, quaternion from wolfram mathworld - the quaternions are members of a noncommutative division algebra first invented by william rowan hamilton the idea for quaternions occurred to him while he was walking along the royal canal on his way to a meeting of the irish academy and hamilton was so pleased with his discovery that he scratched the fundamental formula of quaternion algebra i 2 j 2 k 2 ijk 1 1 into the stone of the, math books ebyte it - advance notices years 2017 and at page bottom related works fedorov yuri kozlov valerij v a memoir on integrable systems springer march 2017 isbn 978