Saturday September 24 1977 -

saturday night fever wikipedia - saturday night fever is a 1977 american musical drama film directed by john badham it stars john travolta as tony manero a working class young man who spends his weekends dancing and drinking at a local brooklyn discoth que karen lynn gorney as stephanie mangano his dance partner and eventual confidante and donna pescow as annette tony s, amazon com saturday night fever 1977 various movies tv - saturday night fever dvd from john travolta s electrifying oscar nominated performance to the be e gees top 10 soundtrack to the unforgettable dancing satu rday night fever is a movie sensation that captured the world s attention like neve r before, saturday night fever 1977 rotten tomatoes - john travolta graduated from minor celebrity to superstar with saturday night fever travolta plays tony manero a brooklyn paint store clerk who d give anything to break out of his dead end existence, the stunt that got elvis costello banned from saturday - one of the defining moments in elvis costello s career happened on december 17 1977 when he appeared on saturday night live costello was 23 years old his debut album my aim is true had just come out in america a month earlier, amazon com saturday night live season 2 amazon digital - this television series is something i have been waiting for i will end up with the entire series before its all said and done this was a favorite show in my youth a time when i was allowed to stay up late on saturday night and watch good tv, 100 more things to do when you re bored summer edition - last year about this time one of the urchins was concerned that she might be bored over the summer so i made her a list of 100 possible things to do when she was tempted to use the b word