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cuban history facts about cuba - the history of cuba is fascinating from its pre columbian inhabitants to today s communist regime cuba history has seen more than its fair share of major events and pivotal people, history of cuba timetable 1959 thru 1979 - the timetable history of cuba 1959 thru 1979 january 22 under u s encouragement the organization of american states oas suspends cuban membership, cuba virtual jewish history tour - cuba officially the republic of cuba is an island country in the caribbean the nation of cuba comprises the main island of cuba the isla de la juventud and several archipelagos today the jewish population of cuba is approximately 500 cuban jews were involved in all aspects of cuban society, cuba history geography britannica com - cuba cuba country of the west indies the largest single island of the archipelago and one of the more influential states of the caribbean region the domain of the arawakan speaking taino who had displaced even earlier inhabitants cuba was claimed by christopher columbus for spain in 1492 it, history of cuba britannica com - in history of latin america the caribbean islands the spanish caribbean islands primarily cuba and puerto rico did not participate in the sugar boom which was predicated on the notion of self supply by the northern european nations, history of cuba 1929 thru 1955 - october the wall street crash drags cuba into its worse economic crisis from 1928 to 1932 the price of sugar drops from 2 18 cents per pound to an all time low of 0 57 cents the sugar crop value totals 225 100 000, cuba travel tour guide cuba com - welcome to cuba com this beautiful caribbean island is known for it s stunning white sand beaches moutain terrain tasty cigars and rum havana the capital of cuba features historical spanish architecture dating all the way back to the 16th century, castro and cuba background to revolution 1902 52 - history of cuba and the castro revolution background to revolution 1902 52 castro biographies 1952 9 road to power castro revolution leadership race social policies economy dissidents ernesto che guevara castros cuba and world missile crisis africa latin america, cuba a new history yale nota bene richard gott - richard gott a british journalist and historian with many years experience in latin america first visited cuba in 1963 and has reported from the island many times since he is the author of the classic work on post castro revolutionary movements guerrilla movements in latin america and most recently of in the shadow of the liberator hugo chavez and the transformation of venezuela, the history of cuba palgrave essential histories series - cuba is much more than cigars classic automobiles and castro this remarkable nation has had a long history of relations with larger political powers that were drawn to the island because of its valuable resources and strategic location, cuba cuba cafe bar - cuba cuba cafe bar is a unique caribbean restaurant with our newly designed patio we are able to bring you even more of that tropical feel year round with salsa music jamming in the bar and the largest selection of exotic rums in denver it is truly a rare spot in colorado, the history culture and legacy of the people of cuba - already by the end of the 1950s he was the president of the association of cartoonists of cuba and considered as an internationally recognized political caricaturist, cuba simple english wikipedia the free encyclopedia - cuba is an island country in the caribbean sea the country is made up of the big island of cuba the isla de la juventud island isle of youth and many smaller islands havana is the capital of cuba it is the largest city the second largest city is santiago de cuba in spanish the capital is called la habana cuba is near the united states mexico haiti jamaica and the bahamas, cuba weather org cuba average temperature - cuba s average temperature average monthly indicators in major cuban cities like havana pinar del rio guantanamo and manzanillo, cuba travel information and reviews cuba hotels deals - cuba currency cuba has two different currencies the cuban convertible peso or cuc the visitor will mostly pay in convertible cuban peso the cuc can be exchanged for a number of foreign currencies only notes coins are not accepted like the euro swiss franc and english pound us dollar vice versa, the economic history and economy of cuba - history columbus first landfall was an insignificant island in what is now the bahamas his second landfall was one of the largest islands in the world cuba, usa cuba travel travel to cuba - if you are an american who is planning a trip to cuba you ve just found the right travel agency usa cuba travel will help you travel to cuba more than 100 000 americans visited cuba last year, the history place john f kennedy photo history the - john fitzgerald kennedy takes the oath of office and becomes the 35th president of the united states of america january 20 1961 at age 43 he is the youngest man and the first roman catholic ever elected winning by one of the smallest margins of victory only 115 000 popular votes, cuba united states diplomat relations what happened to - in the weeks that followed as rumors of a possible invasion by the u s spread throughout cuba people began to line up at the u s embassy seeking visas to leave the island, creative travel inc providing cuba travel services - a true insight into cuba s people culture and food through our legal cuba travel services and programs