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history of cuba wikipedia - within two years of entering cuba the cuba company built a 350 mile railroad connecting the eastern port of santiago to the existing railways in central cuba the company was the largest single foreign investment in cuba for the first two decades of the twentieth century, history of cuba britannica com - other articles where history of cuba is discussed cuba history the following discussion focuses on cuba since european contact for additional treatment in a regional context see latin america history of, history of cuba nations online project - colonial rule the history of cuba began with the arrival of christopher columbus in 1492 and the subsequent invasion of the island by the spaniards aboriginal groups the guanahatabey ciboney and ta no inhabited the island but were soon eliminated or died as a result of diseases or the shock of conquest, the history of cuba palgrave essential histories series - the history of cuba palgrave essential histories series clifford l staten on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers cuba is much more than cigars classic automobiles and castro this remarkable nation has had a long history of relations with larger political powers that were drawn to the island because of its valuable resources and strategic location, a brief history of cuba local histories - by the late 18th century cuba was prospering by growing and exporting sugar the plantations were worked by huge numbers of slaves however in the 19th century there was an increasing movement for independence, brief history of cuba cuba travel for americans - cuba s population is ageing with 16 5 percent being over 60 years old placing cuba at a similar level to that of more developed western industrial countries language spanish is the official language of cuba and is spoken throughout the island, history of cuba 1929 thru 1955 - in santiago de cuba 26 survivors of the moncada attack are found guilty and sentenced to prison october 13 twenty six of the moncada prisoners found guilty on october 6 are sent to prison on the isle of pines, cuban history facts about cuba - history of cuba there may be none more interesting than the history of cuba which has seen more than its fair share of pivotal events and people, cuba history geography britannica com - a discussion of the impact of sugar rum slavery and cigars on cuban society from the documentary curious about cuba great museums of havana great museums television land cuba is situated just south of the tropic of cancer at the intersection of the atlantic ocean north and east the gulf of mexico west and the caribbean sea south, history of cuba timetable 1959 thru 1979 - the timetable history of cuba 1959 thru 1979, havana history of the present places journal - cuba in 1958 was after all at a historic pinnacle of prosperity but afflicted with gross corruption inequality and repression to a degree that had become intolerable the endemic malcontent however should not necessarily be interpreted as rejection of the revolution, a brief history of u s cuba relations time - the u s and cuba sure know how to hold a grudge when fidel castro came to power in 1959 relations between the two countries quickly devolved into bitter arguments political grandstanding and the occasional international crisis and while cuba lies less than 100 miles 160 km off the coast of