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i can save the earth one little monster learns to reduce - i can save the earth one little monster learns to reduce reuse and recycle little green books alison inches viviana garofoli on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, how can i reuse or recycle waxed label sheets how - i applaud you for wanting to re use these things they really stack up since i too do not want to just chuck them in the trash or recycle bin reduce reuse first they say, ocean confetti the challenge of micro plastics the kid - and here are ten really easy ways to reduce plastic pollution 1 stop using bottled water in most cases it is no safer than tap water and costs 3 times as much gasoline and 1 000 times as much as tap water, mister rogers neighborhood caring for the environment - mister rogers neighborhood caring for the environment reduce reuse recycle, how can i reuse or recycle fingernail clippings how can - ok this may be another one that will make some people squirm and go ick ick just throw them away but it s friday and i m in a silly mood so hear me out we each have things that make us that bit different from the next person not necessarily unique but a bit different and one of those things for me is that i can scratch my, 101 ideas to reuse household items one cent at a time - this article contains 101 ideas to reuse household items ranging from repurposing your clothes to the utensils and even the bottles and containers, 200 things to throw away embracing homemaking - living with less isn t about the number of things you get rid of it s about living with enough to be content and getting rid of the rest the rest is just clutter unnecessary energy draining clutter here is a list of 200 things to throw away this list isn t a list of things that i have, 20 things to throw away in 20 minutes angie s list - looking to get your home organized here s a list of 20 things to get rid of quickly, 25 things to throw out today wisebread com - learn what 25 things you should throw away to declutter and have a safer happier home, 21 disposable products you can reuse wisebread com - don t throw away those so called one time use items here are some creative ways to reuse them and save some money in the process, alkaline batteries do need to be recycled willtaft com - this post was originally titled there may be no need to recycle alkaline batteries however as many of the great comments below show we do indeed need to be recycling them, here are a few things you can do to help reduce plastic - the problem is complex and requires a number of solutions but there are some surprisingly simple things that consumers can do to help cut back their plastic pollution and reduce marine debris, beach hacks every mom needs to know passion for savings - we recently spent a week at the beach this year i thought i would share some of my favorite beach hacks every mom needs to know, 20 things you can use twice before tossing tipnut com - what readers are saying 185 comments to 20 things you can use twice before tossing, earth friendly projects for grades 6 to 12 kids activities - write letters to members of congress to support environmental legislation raise money through various contests to support conservation causes example class competitions, 50 things to throw out now and how to dispose of them - 10 expired beauty products unopened even if they re slightly expired beauty products make for great donations to women s shelters however most people don t realize that eye makeup should be replaced every few months especially mascara and face makeup and lipstick within 12 months, 30 things to do with eggshells the prairie homestead - to the majority of people eggshells are simply trash but to homesteader eggshells are a surprisingly useful resource you know what they say waste not want not i personally get a big kick out of finding uses for things people normally throw away so i ve put together a list of 9, simplifying childhood may protect against mental health - normal personality quirks combined with the stress of too much can result in mental health issues in children simplify childhood and protect your child, how to save money every month moneyning com - it s easy to stop pulling out the wallet every once in a while and declare triumph but don t kid yourself we know it s the recurring expenses that really drown us into debt, the kids guide to global warming kidzworld com - we are seeing change all over the world arctic sea ice is melting earlier and glaciers are disappearing heat waves and storms are becoming more extreme learn all about global warming on kidzworld, no mess camping omelettes in a bag beyer beware - they are recyclable they will get recycled into another useful item and you can buy bags at the dollar store for christ sake people don t you recycle your batteries you use at home, you can t buy your way to green how frugality is - one of the many reasons i love frugality beyond you know the money it saves me and the financial independence it brought me is the fact that its application in my life has made me a more environmentally conscious person i ve always respected natural resources been a fan of mother nature, my that s english junio 2016 - happiness isn t just a pleasant thing you feel science proves it s much deeper than that feeling happy also makes you live a long and healthier life but how, my family survival plan keep your family safe - we all know what our bug out bag essentials are right 90 of the items we packed are pretty much the same for all of us but what about the other 10, solar roadways project a really bad idea roy spencer phd - solar roadways project a really bad idea may 27th 2014 by roy w spencer ph d, stop cutting coupons and start saving living on a dime - stop cutting coupons and start saving how it adds up many of us feel overwhelmed by debt and don t know how to start climbing out of it