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stuff reduce reuse recycle steven kroll - stuff reduce reuse recycle steven kroll on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers pinch is a packrat he collects lots of stuff when his friends decide to hold a tag sale pinch is horrified the last thing he wants to do is recycle his things but then he realizes that he can make money at a tag sale enough money to buy more stuff br br how pinch changes and finds a, 20 creative ways to reuse and recycle plastic bottles - get creative with diy projects to reuse and recycle plastic bottles use these 20 ways to recycle laundry detergent containers water bottles and more, recycle every day nancy wallace amazon com - minna was brightly singing inside the house even though it was raining outside recycle recycle recycle her bunny brother pip wanted to know what the word meant and mom explained recycling is when you reuse or fix things instead of throwing them away, 30 things to do with eggshells the prairie homestead - to the majority of people eggshells are simply trash but to homesteader eggshells are a surprisingly useful resource you know what they say waste not want not i personally get a big kick out of finding uses for things people normally throw away so i ve put together a list of 9 things you can do with, 200 things to throw away embracing homemaking - living with less isn t about the number of things you get rid of it s about living with enough to be content and getting rid of the rest the rest is just clutter unnecessary energy draining clutter here is a list of 200 things to throw away this list isn t a list of things that i have, declutter donate dispose our guide to giving away old - a handy guide to where to donate sell recycle old and used furniture clothes shoes ewaste accessories books toys and baby stuff in singapore, 21 disposable products you can reuse wisebread com - it s said that we live in a disposable society but the word disposable is a misnomer disposable is considered throwaway something you use once and dump regardless of the life that may be, beach hacks every mom needs to know passion for savings - we recently spent a week at the beach and as a mom of 3 i ve learned a few things over the years that have literally been life savers when it comes to spending more than just 30 minutes at the beach without the kids whining about being hot tired or hungry, 20 things you can use twice before tossing tipnut com - cereal liner bags i have for years used the bags for icing i totally expected to see this use listed but having not i will pass it on the wax paper is nice heavy and easy to make a icing bag from cut a small angle on one corner or open flat and form a cone with an opening the size you want, 50 things to throw out now and how to dispose of them - 10 expired beauty products unopened even if they re slightly expired beauty products make for great donations to women s shelters however most people don t realize that eye makeup should be replaced every few months especially mascara and face makeup and lipstick within 12 months, 15 ways to reuse essential oil bottles - you know those cartoons where there s a little angel and a little devil sitting on the character s shoulder yeah i feel like that sometimes, 50 reasons to go green with reusable shopping bags - we use and reuse plastic bags because they re at least 0 20 euros a pop which is expensive enough to be annoying or else they re sold in vending machines where you have to buy them before you enter the store or else hold up a line while you scurry to buy it, simplifying childhood may protect against mental health - as a new parent i find this both empowering and terrifying we officially have a massive opportunity and responsibility to provide an environment in which our children can thrive physically emotionally and mentally, give new life to old bed sheets the 104 homestead - 8 here is another great bag option using a pillowcase it s a bit easier than the one from 7 so if you re new to sewing or you prefer simplicity this might be the right one for you 9 if you live in an area with long periods of bad weather a bed sheet rag rug might be just the project for you 10 you can make a cute wreath like this one by two shades of pink, 30 genius ways to reuse and repurpose empty pill bottles - hiding a key in your mailbox or under the welcome mat is way too obvious those are the first places potential robbers would look if you really are worried about accidentally locking yourself out guilty hide a spare one in a pill bottle with a rock glued to the top of the lid, benhill umc bridging the gap between people - life has challenges that are hard to conquer alone every person faces a difficulty or problem that looks larger in their eyes as well as one that can only be dealt with in an expert way, no mess camping omelettes in a bag beyer beware - whether you are camping or have a group to feed breakfast to at home this omelettes in a bag recipe is so easy and fast, american censorship the government s act of altering media - internet usage to promote a healthy lifestyle every new year comes new resolutions for many of us it is all about losing weight and living a much healthier lifestyle than we have in the past, dollar stretcher library subject index r to z - recipes beef beverages bread and grains breakfast casseroles chicken desserts ethnic cuisine holidays and entertaining kids lunch main dishes recipe books, you can t buy your way to green how frugality is - one of the many reasons i love frugality beyond you know the money it saves me and the financial independence it brought me is the fact that its application in my life has made me a more environmentally conscious person i ve always respected natural resources been a fan of mother nature