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plurals and apostrophes we use an apostrophe to create plural forms in two limited situations for pluralized letters of the alphabet and when we are trying to create the plural form of a word that refers to the word itself here we also should italicize this word as word but not the s ending that belongs to it do not use the apostrophe s to create the plural of acronyms pronounceable, 6th grade math expressions and equations - common core expressions and equations mathematics for fifth grade, a guide for students and parents act - sample test questions a guide for students and parents mathematics numerical skills pre algebra algebra act org compass, translating algebra expressions algebra class com - translating algebra expressions is pretty easy once you have learned all of the key words that correleate with the four operations in this lesson you will have four charts outlining all of the key words that are necessary for translating algebraic expressions, standards for mathematical practice common core state - 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